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Rent The Recruiter

The Challenge: Many companies have recruiting needs but no one to do the actual recruiting.  Typically the person who does the recruiting also does 10 other things.  Not surprising recruiting typically falls down the list of priorities because there are other fires to put out first.  This makes it difficult to find and recruit the best sales talent for your organization.  Who has the time?

The Solution: Rent the Recruiter offers a price perfect recruiting solution. You have the ability to rent a recruiter for 30 days for a cost that makes financial sense.  Rent the recruiter will be your dedicated talent acquisition specialist to find a great Salesperson for your organization.  We are firm believers that great sales talent is the key growth driver for companies. 


Rent the recruiter will aggressively seek out top level sales candidates for your unique business. Candidates that match what you are looking for don’t typically come banging on your door or applying to your job posting.  You need someone who is PROACTIVELY seeking out the type of sales talent you need for your organization.

Rent the Recruiter will not only source talent with the skills and qualifications you need but also perform full cycle recruiting duties including offer process.

Think of Rent The Recruiter as your Sales recruiting expert who can take the pressure off your need to fill a critical sales position or two on a temporary basis and let you focus on your business.

Let the sales recruiting experts help you out. Give us a call at 913-530-8894.

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